Prayas IAS Study Circle was established in August 2002 in Dehradun, the Capital city of Uttarakhand. Founder Director Sushil Kumar Singh basically belongs to Allahabad besides he has taught in Delhi, Jaipur & Allahabad also. PRAYAS IAS STUDY CIRCLE is one of the country's leading coaching and research institution for the Civil Service Examination and the State Civil Service Examination.
As a STUDY CIRCLE with strong disciplinary-based departments and a wide array of examination oriented programmes, the goal of STUDY CIRCLE is to develop, transmit, and utilize knowledge in order to provide access to quality educational training for diverse groups of students aspiring to join the Civil Service and to educate the leaders of tomorrow to serve the nation. UPSC Civil Service Examination is considered as one of the toughest examinations in the country. It tests the intellectual traits of a Civil Service aspirant and also it is a comprehensive test of one's personality. The wide variety of subjects an aspirant study as part of the General Studies and Optional subjects prepares them for accepting a lot of diversity once they are getting into the service. The civil service exam today is becoming more and more analytical , conceptual of late innovative.
In 2011, UPSC and 2014 UKPSC replaced the Preliminary Exams Paper II subject by introducing the C-SAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) which has opened the avenue for equal opportunity. The idea behind introducing C-SAT is to test the aspirant's Mental ability, Aptitude and Decision making skills. The aspirant's should keep in mind that the Preliminary exam is an elimination round, and the marks are not taken into consideration for Mains as well as for the Personality Test.
Civil Service Exam requires early preparation and a relaxed approach. PRAYAS IAS STUDY CIRCLE refers to positive steps taken to Civil Services Exam. We believe that one person can affect the world. But only if he or she inspires and helps others. We have created the smoothest and most effective platform for aspirants to reach their goal for Civil Services.